StoneHaven Lessons and Training Rides

Multiple weekly/monthly training rides

1x-2x per week -30.00 per ride

3x-5x  per week -25.00 per ride


Fixed Lesson Prices

½ hour lesson with StoneHaven horse/pony- $35.00  w/owners horse- $30.00

1 hour lesson with StoneHaven  horse/pony-$60.00 w/owners horse/pony-$50.00


Lesson Packages

2- 1 hour lessons per week ( 8 per month) –$360.00-($45.00)

3 or more lessons per week @ $40.00 per hour


Horse show Prices

On day of showing:

Morning Lessons

Private $25.00

Group $20.00

On non-Show days:  Same prices as at home

Coaching/training: $50.00 per day

Training rides: $30.00

Show owners horse per day: $50.00

Finals prices to be determined


StoneHaven North Board Prices:

Regular Board $500 per month

Training /Full Care Board

Include full care and daily rides: $1000.00

Training /Full Care Board with lessons

Including full care, multiple training rides (4) and two-one hour lessons : $1100.000


StoneHaven South Board Prices:

Regular Board $450 per month